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5 causes and effects of depression in adolescents


Traumatic events in the past



Sexual abuse

An aversion towards the opposite sex, inability to feel love or affection, shame and disgust which leads to depression

Domestic violence

Constant fear, anger and hopelessness


Cowardice for the victims and regret for the bullies, both may lead to depression


Inherited traits



Studies have shown that children who have depressed parents or close blood relatives tend to get depressed in teen or adolescent years and may continue throughout life if left unattended to.

These children tend to pick up negative traits such as the refusal to face life’s challenges and most often end up as hopeless as their parents or siblings.


Alcohol or drug abuse



The adolescent mind is too young to decide when to stop or say enough.The euphoria that alcohol and drugs give them, shuts of the mid from logical thinking and reasoning.

The addiction or dependence on these substances in early life can cause serious damage when there is no access to them later. A sense of hopelessness and helplessness sets in, apart from serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, extreme schizophrenia and chronic depression.


Academic reasons



Poor performance in school or college due to peer pressure, high expectations set by institutions, parents or self or failure.

Constant regret and comparing oneself to the more successful students may lead to a sense of hopelessness, failure and eventually depression.


Breakups and failed relationships



Breakups are much harder in adolescents since most of them have no serious life responsibilities to keep the mind concentrated on at that age.

Rejection, loss of love and affection and loneliness can lead to epression, substance abuse and even suicide.

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