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5 indicators of high emotional intelligence in a partner

Emotional intelligence reflects an individual’s ability to regulate themselves, manage good social skills, be successful in life, and develop empathy. However, unlike IQ (Intelligence quotient), the intangible nature of emotional intelligence makes it quite difficult to measure. Here are five signs of high emotional intelligence that would reflect in your partner if he/she was emotionally intelligent:

Does not expect you to clean up their mess

Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware and have a better sense of responsibility. While going through a bad experience, emotionally or otherwise, you will see them working to resolve conflicts on their own. While they might share about their problems for support, they make sure that their baggage is their own and will not expect you to come help them.

Has better communication skills

People with better emotional intelligence always communicate when required. They will talk about what is happening to them or what they are feeling rather and will not expect you to know or ask about it. When they need help they will talk about it and ask for support. They are good listeners and since they exert self-control, they tend to know when to say no and will make you understand why they said no without being patronizing.

Sets realistic goals

The main consequence of having an unrealistic goal is that when it is not met, it leaves behind a nagging sense of failure and negativity which eventually effects their relationship with their partner. Someone with high emotional intelligence on the other hand, will have goals that can be achieved, reinforcing positivity and strengthening their relationship with the people around them. Their relationship goals too, tend to be realistic. They are forgiving in towards their partner mistakes because they know that their partners can make mistakes too.

Note: Someone with unrealistic relationship goals would see their partner as someone who is perfect and will not make any mistake. Therefore, when they do make mistakes it causes stress in the relationship.

Is good at conflict resolution

With a realistic approach to relationship (and life) your partner knows that some rough patches are bound to appear. This gives them clarity and prepares them to face these rough times without panicking. Also, since they are self-aware they do not tend to blame themselves for the situation, but will work towards resolving the issue to the best of their ability.

Lives in the present

It is a common trend in many relationships that during an argument they remind each other of all the bad experiences and memories only to fuel the argument any further. A partner with high emotional intelligence, however, will work finding the root of the argument and fixing it rather than dwelling in the past.

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