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A school girl writes a heart-warming letter to The Live Love Laugh Foundation, and Deepika responds.

The letter and response:


Greetings for the day!

I would like to begin by introducing myself as Pearlina Malik, a student of Class 10 at Vasant Valley, New Delhi.

I am writing to you with a purpose. To begin with, as we all know that Deepika Padukone opened up to the world about her state of depression, and how she fought it with the right guidance and medication. And, this was followed by registering a foundation called Live Love Laugh, as her initiative to help people fight depression and overcome their sufferings. As The Live Love Laugh foundation is budding each day, I have planned something in the best of my capacity, but without your help it would not be possible.

It’s a fact that one in every 10 Indian is depressed, and barely anyone comes out with it. The word depression is stereotyped. People are scared to reach out for help, get medical help and find solutions to their problems. And that’s what I want to change. We young adults are the future of the nation and it starts with us. Hence I’m planning to organise an anti-depression event in my school.

This event will be a 3-day long program, mostly involving all the different grades/classes. From talks with various psychiatrists and victims of depression ranging to activities, plays and dances, all related to the dreaded condition. And most importantly highlighting the progressive and positive solutions to cure it.

To close the event, I would really want Deepika Padukone to interact with the students. Being a youth icon she can impact lives of about 1500 students, who would further reach out to many more. She has happily participated in many events for the India Today Group in the past, and this too could be one though slightly more private in our school, which is also owned by the India Today Group. We are of course flexible with the date and timing for the event keeping in mind Deepika’s hectic schedule. Also, in the end we plan to raise money for her foundation in our school, and with the help of the sponsors.

Hope this would interest you, and waiting to hear from you.

Warm Regards,

Deepika’s response:

Hi Pearlina,

Thank you for reaching out to us at The Live Love Laugh Foundation. I am so happy to see you coming forward and taking this really fantastic initiative towards spreading awareness about mental health in your school. It’s true that we at the foundation are working towards creating awareness around mental health, of which, depression happens to be a key focus area. We need more inspired singletons like yourself to help us achieve this dream; and I really can’t say enough about how proud I am of your endeavour. I hope it bears wonderful results and impacts the lives of numerous students and through them several others.

However, I’m extremely sorry to convey that I won’t be able to join you in this drive owing to my professional commitments. But please know that I support you and others like you, with all my heart.

Also, I would like to let you know, that the foundation plans to reach out to more students like yourself and schools in 2016 to help us spread the word and aid young and bright minds live contented and successful lives. We are launching our School Awareness Program in February 2016. Schools can also register themselves for this program by writing to us on All a school needs to do to join this movement on mental health is give us 90 minutes with their teachers and students!

It’s our responsibility, both individually and collectively, to explore the depths of mental health challenges, address them and help spread awareness about the same. I hope that the Live Love Laugh Foundation and its efforts create a powder train effect in battling depression and mental health issues in India.

Much love,

Deepika Padukone

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