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Hi guys!
It’s not a query, or a story.
I just want to use this place, once, to appreciate this noble step taken by Deepika.
Thank you Deepika, for being so thoughtful and strong! My respect for you increases day by day. I really hope this website helps us.
Thanks to the entire team of The Live Love Laugh Foundation.
Guys! Use this forum well! We are with you! And there is ‘genuine help’! :)

  • Created Sunday October 11th, 2015
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  1. sripreetha28

    im mahalakshmi from chennai(23years)…
    im suffering from anxiety/stress/depression….. i badly need your help….
    i always feel like why im living in this world… im always shouting at others…. i couldnt show interest on anything… i couldnot sleep and eat properly…. im alone and feel to b alone.. i dont like my life..
    please help me

    • Realpraveen

      Hello happy face…. Learn shekspeer lines. That’s makes you happy and professional.

  2. sripreetha28

    thank you so much deepika for this initiative

  3. sonakshimathur

    Hi sripreetha28 (mahalakshmi)!
    First of all, it’s normal to feel that way. Almost everyone must have felt this way once in their lifetime. I am no therapist or a psychologist. Perhaps the professionals can help you in a better way.
    However, I strongly believe that one should try and improve their lifestyle. Try and figure out what exactly is bothering you. Find the root cause, try improving the situation by giving your best. In life, whatever you it playing, eating, working, studying etc, live it to the fullest. Give your 100 % in it so that later you do not have any regrets.
    There should be a willingness to change from yourself. You should know that you are not alone. You have family, friends, us … we all are with you! Love them. Do things for them! Be nice to them! Spread joy and love! There is a saying.. “Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” The more you spread joy, the more you are happy and feel good about yourself!
    Try. If it doesn’t help, feel free to contact a therapist who can help you! :)
    Feel free to vent your stuff on this discussion forum. We all are with you! We all are also struggling at some place or the other, and would love to share and help out each other.
    Hope this helps!

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