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November 06, 2015 Mamtha Rajesh – Counsellor, Bangalore

“God couldn’t be everywhere. Therefore he made children”. How true!

Parenting in today’s world is a huge challenge. No previous generation of parents have had to struggle more to strike the right balance in child rearing. It is not easy, I admit.[...]


October 05, 2015 Anna Chandy - Trustee, The Live Love Laugh Foundation

I did not know you well yet you have moved me. I am in Mumbai busy preparing for the launch of our foundation and I receive a message that a distant cousin’s son has passed on.

A flood of thoughts … How old is he? What happened? My inner voice says he decided to go!!

The beauty of life lies in its fragility and the way it resonates through each and every one of us irrespective of caste, creed and social standing. Everyone has a story and as the Iyanla Vanzant saying goes “It’s important that we share our experiences with other people

Mental Health in India

October 05, 2015 Tara Mehta - Clinical Psychologist, Fortis Healthcare

I remember when I started out studying psychology; it was startling to me that many hospitals in the major cities (urban metros) did not even have a psychiatric department. Awareness about mental health was all but non-existent. A career in mental health was not even an option.

A decade and a half from then, I am happy to note that some positive changes. More and more people are aware about mental illnesses and are seeking treatment. Schools are working with children to address issues at a younger age

Depression: The common cold of Psychiatry

October 05, 2015 Dr Alok Vinod Kulkarni - DPM, NIMHANS

Mood swings or experiencing the blues are something that everyone of us experience occasionally. When these mood swings last for prolonged periods of time and start interfering in other spheres of life, they serve to disable our daily functioning. Depression is a common but serious illness. Recent statistics indicate that one in four persons suffers from a minor mental illness. Minor mental illnesses include depression, anxiety, phobias while the major mental illnesses comprise schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and schizoaffective disorder

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