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Often, a hobby or developing a new skill can help you improve your mental health with ease. It helps to calm the mind by shifting your concentration from what’s worrying you to what you are currently doing. The Creative Community connects people to do activities together. It could be reading, art, music, origami or any other activity. Do join the community and start something new that will help you connect with your former self and have some fun at the same time.
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My next challenge: Marathon Des Sables. Running 257km in the Sahara dessert in 6 stages. And running to support The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Posted by David Liaño on Friday, March 10, 2017

You will live

When every cell in your body screams in agony When every waking morning brings more uncertainty When it feels like being in a constant state of penury By lack of things you deserve By lack of love you so deserve By lack of hope that touches a sad nerve By lack of a supporting touch you crave

Pradyota Prakash

Training in the Himalayas / Entrenando en los Himalaya The Live Love Laugh Foundation #Pokhara #Annapurna #Nepal

Posted by David Liaño on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

You know the feeling When a stone gets into your shoe? You try to shake it off Hoping it aint true.

Because that is just the start To a series of complications That seem small to anyone else, But cause tremendous frustration

You try to ignore it Avoid it and continue walking, And just then the bugger stabs you The amount of agony is just shocking!

Anushka Hardikar

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