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Feeling #helpless

sometimes in life, we are stuck at the situation we feel we don’t have a direction to live through.. that is what happening with me these days.. as growing older life is asking for more and more hardships and time as well as priority to go higher, but i am in a situation where i am unable to find where actually i am standing.. feeling completely lost.. i cant call it stress depression or something because i don’t even understand what these words may barely mean… feeling helpless

  • Created Sunday October 11th, 2015
  • Latest reply January 09, 2017
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  1. sonakshimathur

    Hi buddy! :)
    I can relate to what you say. As we grow older, there are more responsibilities and more hardships. At times, there are major conflicts.
    I guess you need to sort of.. introspect a little. You need to ask yourself where you are. What you’re doing. You might have already done that. In this case, talk to your close friends and family who can guide you. You can try and make short goals for yourself. Improve your lifestyle. Eat healthy. Stay fit. If you’re working, or studying, make sure you give your best in it.
    When I feel that my life is directionless (which I feel a lot of times), I try and go with the flow. I give my best to the present. Live it to the fullest! It might or might not work in your case. I would suggest you to contact a therapist if you really feel that you are on the wrong track.
    Hope you come out of it soon :)
    And do not be helpless. We all are with you!

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