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Know your feelings

1. My emotions generally have

2. I am generally guided by

3. When I am under pressure, I generally have

4. I generally learn most

5. I'm generally

6. I present myself to others

7. Where there are uncertainties and pressures, I am always

8. I always give views that

9. I always like to

10. I generally

11. I generally

12. When I am under pressure

13. I always

14. Others trust me

15. I am always

16. During changing situations, I always

17. I always

18. When obstacles and setbacks occur in pursuing my goals, I always

19. Generally, I

20. When I Identify opportunities, I am always

21. Group differences are always

22. When I see bias and intolerance I always

23. I always help out based on

24. I always

25. Understanding others’ perspectives

26. I always find social networks in the organisation

27. I always use

28. I always

29. I always

30. Increasing others’ satisfaction and loyalty

31. The vision and mission of a company are always

32. I always

33. I always give assignments to people who

34. Winning people over is something

35. I always communicate in a way

36. I always

37. I always handle difficult people

38. I always seek out relationships that

39. I generally have a

40. When I work with teams, I always

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