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How to be productive at work even when you’re depressed

Depression can compromise the quality of your work. This in turn might affect your motivation levels and leave you feeling under accomplished. Even the smallest task assigned to you might seem like the world on your shoulders. Not to worry! There are certain things you can do that will help you be productive at work even while managing your depression.

Break up work into small bits

Striving to complete huge tasks at work when your depressed usually ends up affecting the quality of work, and when you notice a lot of errors in the work that depreciates your productivity even more. If possible, break up big projects into smaller bits and set some deadlines for each bit, this way your mind has lesser loads to handle than one worrisome big job.

Give your mind some breathing space

Constantly worrying about projects and deadlines only makes you even more stressed than you already are. When you feel like there is too much to be done and you don’t think you can accomplish them all, try some calming techniques. Take your mind of the task at hand, close your eyes and think about being in a place that makes you happy. Think that you have completed your to-do list and that you are relaxing on a beach or enjoying a Sunday at home with your family or friends.

Make friends with a few colleagues

You could also try and build a support circle at work, maybe a couple of people from another department. Build a circle that empathises with you, is not judgemental and can help you with some advice when you seek it.

Exercise from time to time

Keeping your body busy also keeps the mind occupied. Walk around the office floor, sprint up and down a staircase or even do some stretching at your desk. Concentrating on something else for a few minutes can ease feelings of depression.

Participate in office activities

Take up a social activity at work or initiate one. It may be something cultural, sports or even just a potluck. Being involved in office activities helps you look forward to something other than work. This could help with depression and keep you productive even when it comes to serious work.

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