'Standing with hundreds of people but still feeling all alone.'

Chaarvi explains her struggle with depression.

I am Dr.Chaarvi Murari and I’m a dental surgeon. I struggled with depression for over four years. Fortunately, my family and friends have been very supportive in helping me overcome it. Here’s a snippet of my struggle:

EMPTY, Time runs by

At the glimpse of my sight

But, I stand still

In Fear what is coming next

About which I am clueless

Praying for a future where I am fearless

I push myself to be strong…

Every night seems like the last

Waking up to a dull sun

Listening to a song I can’t hear

Sleeping with a baggage which I can no longer bear

Pain, loss, agony… Yes, it is here, it is now!

People say failure is relative

But they don’t know, when it strikes you, it becomes superlative

Losing the zeal to put my heart and soul

Life has endless possibilities but I don’t know what exactly is my goal

Trying to prove my worth every day

Hiding what is not to be shown

Keeping a smile up and burying my wrath

Putting all my pieces together just to show that I am not torn

Standing with hundreds of people but still feeling all alone

I know they won’t understand and now I don’t want them to

Can’t explain myself to everyone, everyday and every time

Can’t put it on anyone else when I know that the curse is mine

Now, that loneliness has become my solace, darkness seems divine

But I know somewhere in my heart

I will have a future of glory and might

As it is only a shattered glass which shines like stars holy and bright

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