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Quiz for Stress

1. I manage my stress levels very effectively.

2. I tend to get stressed when I am late or when deadlines loom.

3. I have a quick fix formula for handling my stress that works every single time – breathe in and count to 10.

4. I can get so stressed that my palms start sweating and my heart starts beating very fast.

5. I think showing your stress is a sign of weakness and vulnerability.

6. I tend to externalize my stress and pass it on to my teammates or colleagues or friends.

7. I tend to internalize my stress and tend to manage it as best as I can on my own.

8. I think I have handled my stress well when I am no longer scared or angry.

9. I have a personality that is prone to stress and there is only so much I can do to withstand it.

10. I tend to naturally withdraw from high pressure assignments or situations so that they don’t trigger my stress.

11. I can go for hours without food or sleep when I am stressed for e.g. trying to make a deadline.

12. I tend to smoke or drink or binge eat when I am stressed.

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