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It’s been 2 years since I have been noticing a severe change in me. Some changes have been for good no doubt but weightage of bad changes is much more.
I used to be so polite in behaviour, understanding and soft spoken but now, I have become more or less rude, harsh in words and react randomly. After sometime I do realise what I have done but what fun!!
I just don’t know what is it ! I’m completely confused !
Some months ago, I just had a thought that I might be suffering from depression. So I started searching the symptoms and found all the symptoms of mild depression similar to my behaviour.
And I was just shocked !
The same day I discussed it with one of my most trusted friend to which she replied that I should get my parents know about it so that they can get me necessary help.
But how? How can I tell them? I’m just afraid about their reaction. Will they believe or brush it off….if they believe they will be tensed….
I’m myself not sure what is happening to me. I’m trying to overcome it in a best possible way by trying to get control on myself, calming myself and sometimes diverting my mind.

  • Created Saturday October 10th, 2015
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  1. vs_mehta

    It is hard to cope when one is suffering from Depression. But that should not stop you from trying to cope with it. Your friend did give you the right advice. We fear that our parents might be critical of us or do not understand us. However, it would not be a bad idea to give it a try. Try to find the right time when you can talk to them and you make sure that they are listening to you. Tell them that there is something you need to discuss with them and it is important for them and you. I do not see any reason why they should brush it off. Also, I am not very sure how much of the part you are playing it well. There are activities which one finds interesting, loves to do which makes you happy. Engage yourself in those activities that have always made you feel happy. The moment a negative thought comes to your mind, distract yourself by talking to someone over phone, listening to music or matter of fact any activity that relaxes you.
    Remember do not be too critical of yourself. If still things are not working for you, get a professional help.

  2. Ravkiran Kaur

    Thanks for your support n suggestions @vs_mehta .
    I have a great craving for music and whenever I get time I do listen to or sing some good songs. It’s indeed a meditation.
    I myself am not able to handle it alone anymore. Parents r undoubtedly the most important part of one’s life but I don’t know why I’m not able to disclose it to them. What exactly is making me hide it…is still unknown!!

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