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You Are Not Alone Programme


School Program

Adolescence can be a tough time with strange new experiences and major changes. From exams and planning for the future, to their social life and finding their identity. Students at this age face a range of issues that could affect their mental wellbeing.

We believe that schools can be the first line of defence for emotional and mental disorders in adolescents. The Live Love Laugh Foundation’s "You Are Not Alone" Adolescent Mental Health Awareness Programme is an interactive and informative opportunity to increase one’s awareness and reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

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You Are Not Alone Programme


School Program

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. With today's fast-paced lifestyle, Mental illness has become the leading cause of illness and disability amongst adolescences. Our #YouAreNotAlone school program aims to educate the young minds about Depression, Stress and Anxiety. So, they will be equipped with the tools to combat symptoms of the same. We believe that this program will give them the knowledge and sensitivity needed to support themselves and their peers.

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About the Programme

The focus of the programme is to educate students and their teachers about Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (SAD) in adolescents while also aiming to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Programme delivery is being currently restructured to account for the closure of schools and uncertainty around the reopening. Adolescents will continue to be supported via the programme through the use of digital technology.

Mode of Delivery: Implementation Partners
Languages:           English, Hindi, other regional languages
Session Fee:         Delivered Free of cost
Type of Schools:   Public and private schools
Geography:           India
For Students

The on ground sessions are designed to help students understand how mental illness could affect them or their peers; Facilitating effective self-help techniques, and increasing their sensitivity towards supporting others around them who may be affected; including their friends and family members.

Session handouts: A booklet for students (English, Hindi, other regional languages)

For Teachers

The Teacher sessions are designed to help make them aware of the signs and symptoms of Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD) so that they are more empathetic and better able to identify, support or seek the requisite professional help for vulnerable students.

Session handouts: A booklet for teachers (English, Hindi, other regional languages)

For Parents

Parenting and adolescent can pose a unique challenge as they go through a phase of transition including physical, social and emotional changes that can often lead to confusion. Parents, along with the school, play an important role in the mental wellbeing of an adolescent.

With the help of our subject matter experts, we have created a free online manual for parents to access.
Download Parent's Manual

Since Launch in 2016

Students Educated

1,97,019 Students across the country.

Teachers Educated

20,100 Teachers across the country.


900 schools across India.

Our Reach

11 cities in India - The program is conducted in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Goa, Chennai, Punjab, Guwahati and Hyderabad.


Hindi, English, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati and Punjabi.

Implementation Partners

  • Inspiron Psychological Well-Being Centre, Bangalore

  • AddressHealth Solutions India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Inkleweave, Chennai
  • Enrich Life, Delhi NCR
  • Institute for Exceptional Children, Mumbai
  • Pause for Perspective, Hyderabad
  • Over a Cup of Tea, Kolkata
  • School Health Annual Report Program (SHARP), Guwahati
  • Manthan, Ahemdabad
  • Connecting NGO, Pune
  • COOJ Mental Health Foundation, Goa
  • Mehac Foundation, Kerala
Since Launch


If you would like us to conduct a session in your school, click the button below to register your teachers & students for a free 90-minute session.